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Guns Change the story


the story

A walk home from school. A pickup game at the park. Siblings goofing around. When a gun is present, it changes the story. Everyday moments turn dangerous or even deadly when there’s a gun around. Watch and learn some of the ways Guns Change the Story.

The Facts

All it takes is one gun to change the story.

Suicide rates are four times higher for kids with a gun in their home.
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In most school shootings, the gun came from the home of the shooter or a friend's home.

People who carry guns are four times more likely to get shot than those who don't according to a recent study.
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The leading cause of death in the year after someone gets a gun is suicide.

People with a gun at home are twice as likely to die by homicide.
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Most people shot in accidental shootings are killed by someone their own age.

The truth is simple: Guns Change the Story. When a gun is around, everything is riskier. Interested in learning more?

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health or experiencing suicidal ideation, call or text 988 to reach the free Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Spread the Message

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In Their Own Words

Over the summer, Chicago teens came together to design slogans and campaign concepts to spread the message that guns just make things worse. They have a message for you: Guns Don’t Give You Power. 👇

Organizations We <3

We’re building our roster of local partners and organizations whose work aligns with our mission. If you’re a part of an organization we should add to the list below, let us know.

Guns Change the Story is a campaign by Project Unloaded. At Project Unloaded, we’re taking on gun violence through narrative and culture change. Through creative campaigns and community partnerships, we educate, engage and empower young people with the facts about the risks of having and using guns.